The World's Most Scenic Train Rides: Breathtaking Views from the Tracks

The World's Most Scenic Train Rides: Breathtaking Views from the Tracks

For many travelers, there's nothing quite like the romance and adventure of a train journey. From winding mountain passes to sprawling landscapes, some of the world's most stunning views can be found from the tracks. In this article, we'll take a journey through some of the world's most scenic train rides, showcasing breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

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1. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

This train ride takes you through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, with stunning views of snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, and verdant forests.

2. The Ghan, Australia

Travel across the heart of Australia's outback, from Adelaide to Darwin, and see the stunning landscapes, including the vast Red Centre, where the colors of the rocks change throughout the day.

3. Glacier Express, Switzerland

Climb aboard the Glacier Express and journey through the Swiss Alps, taking in stunning vistas of snow-covered peaks, deep valleys, and alpine forests.

4. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

Take a journey through the Scottish Highlands on the luxurious Royal Scotsman, enjoying stunning views of rolling hills, serene lochs, and charming villages.

5. The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Explore the vast landscapes of Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, journeying from Moscow to Vladivostok, and taking in breathtaking views of the Siberian taiga, Lake Baikal and the Ural Mountains.

These train rides are just a few examples of the world's most scenic train journeys, offering unforgettable views and a unique way to experience some of the planet's most beautiful landscapes.

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